Who We Are

Chelsea Logistics and Infrastructure Holdings Corp. (Chelsea), the biggest shipping and logistics company in the Philippines, operates through its wholly-owned subsidiaries and its associate: Chelsea Shipping Corp.,Trans-Asia Shipping Lines, Inc., Worklink Services, Inc., Starlite Ferries, Inc., SuperCat Fast Ferry Corporation and 2GO Group, Inc.

Chelsea understands the crucial role it plays in providing shipping and logistics services within the country’s archipelagic physical setting.

It has continuously expanded its fleet and reach through several regional partnerships and strategic acquisitions of reputable local shipping lines and logistics brands, fulfilling its vision of being the finest shipping and logistics company of choice.

Further, through employing a variety of strategies in improving its shipping and logistics competencies, Chelsea aims to (i) provide job opportunities for Filipinos, (ii) fuel more economic growth as vessels accommodate the growing imports, exports and domestic shipping requirements, and (iii) provide long-term value to its stakeholders.

As a listed company at the Philippine stock market since 08 August 2017, Chelsea has been expanding the breadth of its services, covering Charter, Passage, Freight, Cargo, Tugboat Services, Logistics Services, Ship Management and Crewing.

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